Frequently Asked Questions





I have just been hired to teach in Fall 2021.  How long do I have to meet minimum competency to teach online this semester?
As a newly hired instructor, you have until the second class meeting to meet the minimum competency requirement and to submit appropriate documentation to your division Dean.

You can meet the requirement by completing the approved modules on "Interaction" (formerly "Regular and Effective Contact") and "Accessibility" in the Online Teaching Resources course on Canvas. Please email for access to these course modules in Canvas. 

If you have already completed training in these two key areas of online teaching (i.e., Interaction, Accessibility), please submit documentation of the training to  

How do I gain access to the Online Teaching Resources course on Canvas?
Please email for access to the Online Teaching Resources course.

How do I become certified to teach online.
Visit the online certification options page for information.

I was fully certified to teach online before the current emergency; do I need to resubmit proof of my certification?
If you were fully certified to teach online prior to the current emergency, you are "grandfathered in" and do not have to resubmit proof of certification unless specifically requested.

How do I know if my submission of my form for full certification or minimum competency has gone through?
You should hear back within two weeks of submitting your materials; if it has been more than two weeks, please reach out to

I'm certified at another institution; does the certification apply at Cerritos College?
Your online certification from another institution may be acceptable at Cerritos College; however, you must submit certification information for verification by the DE Coordinators at

What opportunities are available to me?
Please visit CTX ( to view DE workshop offerings.

I am having difficulties making a document or Canvas page accessible?
View Accessibility Resources and , if you have further questions.

How do I caption a video?
To caption your own video, refer to the How To's CTX Online Teaching Resources and Creating Video Tutorials Resource.

For assistance captioning videos, submit your request to Media Services. Refer to the Captioning Requests: A Quick How-To Guide. For more information, please contact Sarah Pirtle at .

How do I request interpreting services for my class or event?

Generally, it is a student’s responsibility to request interpreting services for any given class. Students must register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to request accommodations.

If, however, an instructor is hosting a class-related event that will be publicly attended (i.e., virtually, on-ground), the instructor should request interpreting services and/or other accommodations via to ensure equitable access to the event by any prospective attendee.

As a standard practice, the live transcript feature in the videoconferencing tool (i.e., Zoom) should be regularly enabled whenever hosting virtual events. For events that require an RSVP, the host should also state in the meeting invite and/or any promotional materials that intended participants should specify in the RSVP if there is any need for accommodation (e.g., interpreting services).

As an instructor, whom do I contact for help with DE tools and technology (i.e. Canvas, Zoom, Pronto, Studio)?
For assistance with issues related to Canvas (including products accessible within Canvas), please contact Dave Gunn at . For assistance with other technical difficulties, contact the IT help desk at .

What if my students need assistance with DE tools and technology (i.e. Canvas, Zoom, Pronto, Studio)?
Please refer students to  if they need assistance with the DE tools and technology made available by the college.

What if I want to acquire a tech tool we don’t already have?
The Universal Access Taskforce is responsible for vetting and approving online tools and technology. If you are interested in acquiring new online teaching tools, please contact the .

Besides Canvas and Zoom, what other tools do we have?
For a list of available tools, please email

I have an idea I think would really benefit other teachers-where can I share it?
If you have an idea that you think would benefit other teachers, please email