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Introduce a new concept that presents information students must know in your class. Once that information has been presented (either in a lecture, a discussion, or a chapter reading), have students answer the following questions prior to the next class. You may wish to have students write responses to each of the six questions individually; you may also wish to create expert groups, in which each group of 3-5 students focuses exclusively on one of the six skills below. Expert groups can share their responses to each question in class.

Q1 Remembering: What basic information must I know?

Q2 Understanding: How can I describe or illustrate the information to someone else?

Q3 Applying: How can I apply this information to a real-world situation or problem?

Q4 Analyzing: How can I compare or contrast this knowledge to something else? What is it similar to or different from?

Q5 Creating: What can I create to share this information with others? What solution to a problem or real-world model can I create to use this information effectively?

Q6 Evaluating: How can I use this information to judge or critique the success of someone else’s solution or model?



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