The Kinesiology program provides opportunities for students to engage in the understanding of body movement and fitness. Courses are designed to introduce students to various aspects of kinesiology, such as athletic injury assessment, principles of fitness and wellness, sports psychology, and movement analysis. Along with our Associate of Art Degree in Kinesiology, we also offer the Fitness Specialist and Athletic Trainer Aide Certificate Programs. These certificates are interrelated and are designed to be completed in two semesters for students who attend full time. Students may also successfully prepare for several national certifications in fitness, strength and conditioning, and athletic training. Each program will also provide students with transfer options in various areas of study.

Kinesiology Building

The Kinesiology building is located within the Health and Wellness Complex, just south of the Gymnasium. Our office is located upstairs. To contact the Kinesiology office, please email or  call (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2863.