Learning Communities

What are learning communities?

The term learning communities refers to classes in which the subject matter and ways of investigating questions in two or more fields are integrated. The class may be designed around a unifying theme, based on courses that reinforce the students’ special needs. In principle, students learn from students and faculty and faculty learn from students and each other.

What’s different about a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is an exciting way to take two classes that are linked around a common theme. Since you have two or more faculty teaching, you get differing points of view, which makes the class very stimulating.

Why should you take a Learning Community?

  • Students who take learning communities are more likely to do well in all of their courses

  • Students work together and support each other

  • Assignments from the different courses are related to each other

  • Faculty members who teach the classes work closely with all the students


Students Studying in the Library