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Welcome to UMOJA Student Success Program

UMOJA is a Kiswahili word meaning unity and focusing on the importance of togetherness among family and among members of a community.

The Cerritos College Umoja Student Success Program is committed to enriching, fostering, and nurturing the educational experience of all students, especially African American and first-generation college students, ultimately preparing them for academic, personal, and professional success beyond Cerritos College.

This program addresses student needs through academic support services, academic and career counseling. Program participants will have their own Counselor, will have access to courses with emphasis tailored to the African American perspectives and receive help in identifying internship and scholarship information.

Our program is based upon The Umoja Community, a statewide program that was designed by educators in the Bay area of Northern California who were alarmed at the paltry retention rates of African American Students.

Umoja community

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