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Program Information


Length and Kind of Program

Several options are available to those interested in working in the Ambulatory Care environment:

1. Medical Assistant Certificate of Achievement

This Medical Assistant program may be completed in two semesters when started with the Fall semester.  The focus is on both front office (administrative) and back office (clinical) responsibilities.  A clinical lab experience is completed through an internship or occupational work experience.

2. Medical Assistant Associate in Arts Degree

The student must complete the requirements for a Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting.  In addition, the student must take A&P 120, electives, and general education requirements to achieve a minimum of 60 units.  The length of time to complete this depends on the student’s curriculum load.  See the Cerritos College Graduation Requirements. 

Full time students can complete this program in two semesters when starting with the fall semester.  Discussion with the department chair regarding questions on course selection is encouraged.  Course selection for a full-time Fall student is recommended as follows:

Fall:  MA 60, MA 63, MA 64, MA 161, HO 53, HO 54, HO 55.

Spring:  MA 66, MA 67, MA 68 or MA 73 or MA 74, PSYC 101 or PSYC 150 or equivalent and additional electives if needed.

Full-time students starting in the Spring semester are advised to consult with the program chairperson regarding course selection(s).

The program is designed to help meet the needs of the part-time student as well.  Course selection in numeral order is advised.  Again, consult with the program chair regarding specific course selection questions.  Some classes are offered in specific semesters and efficient planning is necessary.

Medical Assisting Certificate of Achievement

Course Number Course Name Units
HO53 Electrocardiography 1.0
HO54 Medical Laboratory Skills 1.0
HO55 Phlebotomy Procedures 1.5
MA60 Introduction to Medical Assisting 2.0
MA63 Health Insurance Coding and Billing 3.0
MA64 Medical Office Assisting 3.0
MA66 Medications and Specialties 3.0
MA67 Medical Office Administration 3.0
*MA68 Medical Assisting Internship Experience 4.0
*MA73 Medical Assisting Occupational Work Experience (3.0)
*MA74 Medical Assisting Occupational Work Experience (4.0)
MA161 Medical Terminology 3.0
PSYC101 General Introductory Psychology (3.0)
or PSYC150 Personal and Social Adjustment 3.0
AND classes from the list below to complete a minimum of 29 units:
BCOT114 Introduction to Microsoft Office 3.5
CIS101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3.0
HO150 Professional/CPR and First Aid (Fall semester only) 1.5
HO152 Nutrition 3.0
SPAN223 Spanish for Health and Medical Careers (or equivalent) 3.0

*Students may select one of these options to complete the medical assisting internship requirement.  Only one option can be selected and the course may not be repeated more than one time.  Students not currently employed in a medical office should enroll in MA 68. Students who are currently employed in a medical office up to 19 hours per week shouldenroll in MA 73. Students who are currently employed in a medical office more than 20 hours per week should enroll in MA 74.

 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES:  Upon completion of the program, employment is available as a medical assistant, in a variety of settings: office clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and educational institutions.  Job duties can entail front office (administrative) duties such as receptionist and insurance clerk to back office (clinical) duties such as assisting the provider of care or lab duties

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