Physics, Astronomy & Engineering

WELCOME to the Physics, Astronomy and Engineering Department!

Welcome to our universe! This is a place for discoveries and discoverers! If you have wondered about the mysteries of the cosmos or wish to understand the motions of bodies, the information encoded in a beam of light or the needs of engineering, this is the department for you!

We offer a wide variety of introductory courses in physics, astronomy, physical sciences, and engineering, all of which satisfy the physical science requirements (both with and without laboratories) for university transfer students.

Our physics courses satisfy the introductory requirements for physics, astronomy, and engineering majors, as well as providing the basis for a great many other majors. We provide a quality physics background to architecture, biology, computer science, physical therapy, pre-dental, pre-medical, and psychology students.

Our physical science courses cater to the student who wants a little bit of all of the physical sciences as well as targeting students who will be teaching the next generation. We are proud to be a part of the TeacherTrac curriculum for prospective K-6 teachers!

Come visit our interesting and diverse department!


Department Chair:

McLarty-Schroeder, Janet
(562) 860-2451 Ext. 2666
Office: PST 130