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College Coordinating Committee

College Coordinating Committee

The purposes of the College Coordinating Committee include:

  • Provides effective communication among representatives of all college constituencies
  • Discusses issues of concern to the college community and refers to appropriate committees for development and recommendations
  • Ensures that information flows to and from institutional and ad hoc committees and constituencies
  • Monitors the membership structure of institutional and ad hoc committees for the purpose of ensuring diversity and representation
  • Reviews the Board Agenda for the next Board of Trustees meeting
  • Monitors that shared governance processes are adhered to
  • Requests revisions from shared governance committees annually, and reviews the committee structure and the shared governance structure regularly
  • Maintains a handbook of current committees and membership structures on all committees which is reviewed and updated annually
  • Reviews the college's administrative procedures on a regular basis and gives input to the review and development of Board Policy
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee’s scope and communicates them to the college


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