Electronic Marquee Message Regulations - Alondra and Studebaker

Due to space and time limitations and necessary prioritization of messages, these regulations are to govern use of the Cerritos College Electronic Marquee located at the intersection of Alondra Blvd. and Studebaker Ave.  These regulations are based on format limitations of the electronic unit, time and traffic considerations at the intersection, established priorities for use, and official college business needs.  The Public Affairs Office shall ensure that the total number of messages running at any one time period does not exceed the practical limitations imposed by established rotation time requirements.

  1. Messages must be:
    1. limited primarily to official college items;
    2. for time-sensitive items with a strong likelihood of broad public and student body appeal;
    3. one screen in length (however, may be a maximum of 3 screens in length as deemed necessary and at the discretion of the Public Affairs office); four lines per screen; five words per screen (each screen accommodates 12-14 characters/spaces), and,
    4. primarily for purposes of the business of the Public Affairs and Human Resources departments as well as the C.I.T.E. Division, the divisions and departments of the Student Services area, and the public or public-student events of other Academic Affairs divisions.
  2. Messages for non-Cerritos College entities, events, or other items may be allowed only with the approval of the Director of Public Affairs.

Messages may be:

  1. for events approved to take place on the campus;
  2. limited to critical or high priority messages related to public safety, college-wide enrollment management, and resource development;  
  3. limited in length, format, word count, running time, and effects, as deemed necessary for best overall benefit to Cerritos College;
  4. placed at the discretion of the Public Affairs Office;and,
  5. subject to college approval.