Student Responsibilities

As a Puente student I agree to:
  • Meet with a Puente counselor at least twice each semester.
  • Attend a minimum of three program activities, including: Cultural and community events, Día or Noche de la Familia, University Tours, Mentor lunch or dinner and Puente Recognition Celebration.
  • Attend Puente Recognition Celebration.
  • Submit Work-In-Progress (WIP) Form.

First Appointment must be with a counselor. The purpose is to establish an educational goal and to develop an Educational Plan.

The purpose of the second appointment is to review the Work-In-Progress (WIP) Report and to identify resources that will ensure your academic success.

Third Appointment must be with a counselor or success team member. The purpose is to review your objectives for the semester, identify needs and provide student support services or resources and to prepare for the upcoming semester.