Current Exhibitions

in the Main Gallery

Participating Artists: Robert Acuna, Andrea Bersaglieri, Debbie Carlson, Devin Farrand, Christina Fernandez, Mark H Flanders, Audra Graziano, Emily Babette Gross, Ed Heckerman, Jerry Jankowski, Alison Kuo, Efrain Martinez, Samantha Minear, Hagop Najarian, Jenny Phelps, Felix F Quintana, Donna Ropp Robinson, Alicia Rolon, Sergio Teran, Chris Wilson

in the Projects Room

Including Works by: Ron Athey, Bonnie Barrett, Badly Licked Bear, Cliff Benjamin, Nancy Buchanan, William Camargo, Carole Caroompas, Xavier Cázares Cortéz, Peter Christenson with Marta Stražičić and Tea Stražičić, Ilknur Demirkoparan, Mark H Flanders, Dwora Fried, Fung Yee Lick Eric, Gronk, Hagen Klennert, Young Joon Kwak, Thomas McGovern, Naomi Middlemann, Thinh Nguyen, Frank Lahera O’Callaghan, Kasia Ozga, Ashton Philips, Mary Anna Pomonis, Jynx Prado, Rodrigo Prian-García, Christopher Russell, José Guadalupe Sánchez III, elin o’Hara slavick, Anna Syarova, Kate Walker, Keoni K Wright

Special Display (and Take-away, while supplies last) of the 2020 Exhibition-in-a-Box Hindsight is 2020: Dispatches from the Edge of an Apocalypse featuring reproductions of work by: Carmen Argote, Badly Licked Bear, christy roberts berkowitz, Michael Hanson, stephanie mei huang, Michele Jaquis, Jacqueline Bell Johnson, Elana Mann, Narsiso Martinez, Thinh Nguyen, Dominic Quagliozzi, Allison Stewart, Chester Vincent Toye, Gordon Winiemko

in the Exterior Display Gallery
The Spring 2024 series of Window Dressing installations

Currently featuring IGNORANT THREADS by Holly Perez