Alumni Art Exhibition 2021 - Edson Gersain Martinez

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Mixed media drawing of KKK members on newspaper

November 26, 2020, 2021
Mixed Media on Newspaper Clippings
20 x 20 inches

Abstract painting with conquistadors and skulls

Dolores del Corazon, 2020
Mixed Media
20 x 20 inches

A man and horse in an isolated abstracted desert

Land of the Brave, 2018
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30 inches

As a Brown male growing up in Los Angeles my experiences have been shaped by a series of racially driven systematic practices. I am witness to the police state and the overlapping of the prison industrial complex system, as primary authority. This has led to the internalization of oppression, which has become psychologically manifested as anger and hopelessness. I mix my reds and blues in hopes of bringing harmony in between, wet on wet techniques allow me to layer the past with the present, bringing my realities to the awareness of a society that misinterprets our existence. Relating the past to the present through the process and craft embodied in the paintings, I invite the viewer into a realm where both coexist, a time where we have linked to our ancestors for guidance and understanding. 

Edson Gersain Martinez holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts with a Minor in Chicana/o Studies from California State University Los Angeles. He has exhibited at Self Help Graphics & Art, UCLA, and many community events throughout Los Angeles. Using art as a tool Edson has been giving back to his community by running different art workshops for youth, including M.E.C.H.A’s and CAUSA’s 20th annual Raza youth conference at California State University Northridge. Most recently Edson has worked as a transformative education counselor at My Friend’s Place, a non-profit that serves homeless youth in the city of Hollywood. During his time at My Friend’s Place Martinez ran different art workshops using art as a means to heal, encourage self expression, and introducing youth to the benefits of art, all while providing them a safe space to be.