Alumni Art Exhibition 2021 - Melissa Depaz

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f. Two hearts holding hands running away together

Come with Me, 2021
Acrylic on Wood Panel
8 x 8 inches

A girl laying down with her head in her hands

Something's Missing, 2020
Digital Image
Dimensions Variable

Two palm trees on fire and a man at a bus stop

California, September 20, 2020, 2020
Digital Image
Dimensions Variable

I make art because I like to explore my feelings, memories, and mind in visual form. I make art to explore how I can invoke certain feelings in myself and the viewer through the form of visual experience. 

Melissa Depaz is a multimedia artist based in Compton, CA. Her work ranges from works on paper to large scale murals. Her work has been exhibited at the African American Museum of Art (2015), Cerritos College Art Gallery (2016,2017,2018), and CSUDH Student Gallery (2018, 2019). She has permanent works located at Foot Locker in Compton, CA.