Alumni Art Exhibition 2021 - Rachel Calderon Navarro

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A cat in a garden

Garden I, 2020
Oil Paint and Oil Pastels on Canvas
20 x 20 inches

A hand in a garden

Garden II, 2020
Oil Paint and Oil Pastels on Canvas
20 x 20 inches

For the past five years I’ve been creating art for others. It was not until this year (2020) that I remembered that creating art for myself can be freeing and explorative. Now that I have entered a new phase of my life, I find myself searching for a path to better understand who I am and this path is art once again. Garden is series that represents the artist’s investigation of her own identity. What is the best part of the garden and what needs more attention because of years of neglect?

Rachel Cadleron-Navarro holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since she graduated in 2012, she has moved to Missoula, Montana. There she created Fathom Space, a mobile mini art gallery that featured local and out of state artists for two years. Since then, she has participated in multiple charity art auctions and fundraisers for Zootown Arts Community Center, has had a solo show at Frame of Mind Gallery, and is happy to be able to use her art degree as the Senior Project Manager at DFTBA Records.