Alumni Art Exhibition 2021 - Steve Rosa

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Naked bodies laying in a row

Threshold/Shift I, 2019
Archival Inkjet Print
16 x 20 inches

A naked man holding onto wood slats

Threshold/Shift II, 2019
Archival Inkjet Print
20 x 16 inches

A naked woman with hands reaching for her

Threshold/Shift III, 2019
Archival Inkjet Print
20 x 16 inches

Much of my work examines the intersections of the digital and analog body. Regardless of the medium in which I am creating, collaboration with others is paramount. The collaborative process allows for me to: kiki; mourn and celebrate my communities; honor the land, time and space I occupy; and thrive between the binary of male/female, simple/complex, micro/macro.

Steve Rosa completed his Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of California, Irvine in 2015. His emphasis was in Dance and Technology, and he created works that centered on issues of diversity and equality. Rosa also completed his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (Photography), with a minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education, from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. He is an alum of Cypress College (A.A. in Dance and Dance Teaching Certificate), and Cerritos College (A.A. in Photography), where he received various degrees and awards, and serves as an adjunct faculty at both institutions. Recently, he collaborated with the UCI Drama Dept. and No)one. Art House as a projection designer, photographer, and video artist. He premiered a new interdisciplinary work titled “¿en la boca, outta the mouth?” which was performed at de Color-Es 2018, produced by Primera Generacion Arts Collective. Rosa’s recent collaboration with dancer Justin Morris produced video work “untitled:mouth” which explores the intersections of the digital and analog body and premiered at Gold Series No. 3 in 2020. Currently, Rosa is the Co-Director of Maha and Company, a non-profit dance company dedicated to cultural awareness through movement exploration and performance. He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Dance at Saddleback College where he teaches both studio and lecture courses, co-directs “WinterDance” and “Dance Collective” productions, and is director/organizer of the annual Saddleback ScreenDance Festival.