2021 Faculty Art Exhibition - Alison Kuo

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Two Men, One in Silhouette.
TV Show 8, 2018

Watercolor on Paper
22 x 30 inches

Four People, Two Dressed as Cops in Silhouette.
TV Show 9, 2018

Watercolor on Paper
22 x 30 inches

One Woman and One Man in Silhouette.
TV Show 10, 2018

Watercolor on Paper
22 x 30 inches

My intention is to heighten the sensitivity of our awareness in biased perceptions. The identities of the figures in these paintings are difficult to determine. The tendency to identify the silhouettes by placing generalities on these figures is our desire to make sense of what we are seeing. The figure's identity is then established from limited visual information. Since cultural and social stereotypes are often perpetuated by media, television shows seem to be a fitting subject to convey the idea of biases. The choice of medium is watercolor due to its less flexible characteristic. Conditioned perceptions are difficult to alter because they are programmed and reiterated in our social environment. Watercolor paint, much like our established views, is hard to correct. Thus, the medium resonates this very idea.

Alison Kuo received two bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts at the University of North Texas in Painting and Art Education. Immediately following her undergraduate work, she earned a master's degree in Fine Arts with the emphasis on Drawing and Painting from the University of Southern California.

Alison Kuo began teaching at Cerritos College in 2015, including ART110 (Freehand Drawing).