2021 Faculty Art Exhibition - Ed Heckerman

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A Japanese paper kite Illuminated by light.
Glimmer #11, 2019

Archival Pigmented Ink Photographic Print
35 x 44 inches

Paper strips with Japanese calligraphy.
Sokkan #11, 2019

Archival Pigmented Ink Photographic Print
31 x 23 inches

A bell hanging against a wooden fence.
Bell, 2019

Archival Pigmented Ink Photographic Print
15 x 15 inches


The series Glimmer utilizes polarized rear projections of Mica crystals, called "glimmer," another name for Lapidolith, onto paper kites. Color does not exist as an inherent property of the achromatic crystals and white kites. An interdependent arising of a number of causes and conditions produce color in the mind. The imagination takes flight. In these images the earth, fire and space element come together visually and emblematically. This image and the others in the series are an offering, the making of which was a process that stubbornly insisted on being realized. I see them as functioning in the discourse of experimental photography and magical realism. Sokkan is the name of a song in the Koten Honkyoku repertoire for shakuhachi (Zen bamboo flute). It translates into English as roughly " to deeply contemplate breath. "I wrote the notation on strips of washi paper and suspended them on a bamboo pole playing in the wind above the threshold of my doorway. The image Bell is from the series Welcome To Los Angeles, a documentary visual poem of the vast territory we call LA. The artist has endeavored to picture the unnoticed.

Ed Heckerman is Professor of Photography at Cerritos College. He holds a BA in Studio Art from Sonoma State University and an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts. He has taught photographic theory and practice at UCLA, Art Center College of Design, Claremont Graduate University, Long Beach and California State University, Northridge. Additionally, Ed has worked as a documentary photographer at the Human Geography Institute at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He has exhibited widely at humble addresses in both Switzerland and the United States, including IAAB (Internationale Austauche Ateliers Region Basel), Cardwell Jimmerson Contemporary Arts, Raid Projects, The Brewery, LAX, and the Mike Kelly Gallery at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. His work has been published in Kyoto Journal, Blind Spot, and X-Tra Contemporary Art Quarterly.

Ed Heckerman began teaching at Cerritos College in 2004, including PHOT100/102 (Introductory/Intermediate Photography), PHOT110 (Digital Photography), PHOT122 (Color Photography), PHOT230 (Portrait Photography), PHOT234 (Portfolio Development), 235 (The Photographic Book), PHOT240 (Experimental Photography), PHOT250 (Contemporary Photographic Expressions), and PHOT252 (Photography of the Landscape).