Academic Resources

Your Success Mentor may refer you to academic resources. The following resources are available for students:


To access tutoring click here: Tutoring

  • * When you click on tutoring, you can choose form two options.
    • Drop-in Tutoring: Meet with a Success Center tutor and/or faculty for a 15-minute session. This is great if you have a quick question or found some extra time for tutoring. The Fall Tutoring schedule is Monday-Thursday 9 am - 9 pm; Friday 10 am - 2 pm; Saturday 10 am - 3 pm. 
    • Appointment Tutoring: Make an appointment for a 25-minute tutoring meeting with a Success Center tutor. You can request a specific tutor, or one will be assigned to you. Schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance.


DLA’s are focused activities that assist students in learning a particular skill or idea. For instance, there is a DLA about writing an introduction to an essay. In math, there are DLA’s that assist with answering word problems as well. There are many DLA’s on several topics that range from writing, grammar, math, and study skills.

  • Your Success Mentor will asses if any of the DLA's we have are beneficial to you and will assign them to you accordingly. 
  • After your Success Mentor assigns you a DLA, you are responsible to complete the DLA at your earliest convenience. 
  • Once you have completed the DLA, you will meet with a Success Center tutor (via drop-in tutoring or a scheduled appointment with a tutor), and the tutor will go over the DLA with you.
    • *After you meet with a tutor, you are finished with your DLA. The system will alert us of your meeting and you will receive credit for that DLA activity.  


Adult Education (AED) Math and English Support Courses: 

  • The Adult Education Department provides support courses where you can review math concepts, receive homework assistance, and prepare for your exams. By joining an AED Support Course you can: 
    • Attend supplemental sessions to review math concepts
    • Show up every day or only when you need help—open entry and exit!
    • Receive assistance on homework and exam preparation from an instructor and tutor
    • Improve your class grade and your chances of passing your math class
    • Register on MyCerritos or email AED at

      *Classes are zero units and tuition-free

  • For more information, call the Professor Barrera (562) 467-5098 or email at 

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