Assistive Technology

Cerritos College is committed to establishing a barrier free learning community, or Universal Access, to all individuals. This includes a partnership of Information Technology Department, Student Accessibility Services, Purchasing and Human Resources.  Below are the major categories of services we support:

  • PROCUREMENT -  We assist in the assessment for purchasing software, hardware, telecommunications, video, and multimedia products and other electronic miscellaneous technologies across the campus.  As an entity of the State of California receiving Federal and State funding Cerritos College is bound by Federal and State laws.
  • ALTERNATIVE MEDIA -  We provide assistance for the creation of textbooks, instructional materials, and other printed information converted to another format such as Braille, large print, or electronic text. 
  • ASSISTIVE Technology -  We purchase, install, and support the computer programs provided by Cerritos College for use on the campus.  This software includes screen readers, screen magnification programs, and text to voice programs. Software Locations:  Where assistive software and hardware are located.
  • CAPTIONING -  We establish standards and oversee the captioning process (words superimposed on television or motion picture frames) that communicate or translate audio dialogue .
  • JAWS AIDS  - Shortcuts and strategies for using JAWS for Windows with the MyCerritos and SchedulePlus websites.