ATL Career Fields Information

Below you will find links to information and other resources on the career opportunities in the Automotive and Transportation, Aviation, Energy, and Logistics Industries. Additional information can also be found on the Advanced Transportation and Logistics website

Automotive and Transportation

Jobs in the automotive and transportation field are numerous. As an automotive student, you can get access to the latest equipment, technology, and automotive designs by taking courses relevant to automotive employment. Community colleges offer courses that are continuously updated on the newest technology to help update your skills.


There are many exciting careers within the aviation industry. Whether you want to fly an aircraft, perform maintenance and repairs, or coordinate operations on the ground, there is a training program near you.


Energy Programs

As the demand for alternative energy jobs rises, California Community Colleges are taking the lead in producing certified workers and graduates trained in solar, wind, alternative fuels and new exciting technologies like micro grids and energy storage.


Logistics Programs

Logistics is the pipeline that plans and coordinates the delivery of products and services to consumers all over the world. Logistics professionals manage and coordinate activities involving the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.


Additional Resources for Career Information