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Automotive Technology

AUTO 54: Introduction to Electric Vehicle - Students will be instructed with alternatives to gasoline powered vehicular travel and to the specific advantages of Electric Powered Automobiles.

AUTO 55: Advanced Technology Electric Vehicle - Students will work with hybrid electric vehicles and advanced design EV's. 

AUTO 80: BAR ASE Alternative Course for Adv Emissions (Special) - This course meets theory/practical requirements for obtaining the state license for Advanced Smog Technician.

AUTO 107: Diesel Exhaust Emission Control and Servicing.

AUTO 109: Automotive Diesel Systems - This is a theory/practical course in automotive diesel engine repair that includes operating principles and descriptions of all components.

AUTO 155: Medium/Heavy Duty Brake Systems.

AUTO 160: Introduction to Automotive Electrical.

AUTO 180: Electronic Engine Management Systems - This is a theoretical/practical course pertaining to the operation, individual components, and the overall logic by which fuel systems components work together.

AUTO 181: Electronic Engine Management Systems - Corporate - This is a theory/practical course in diagnosing automotive drivability problems. 

AUTO 182: Introduction to Alternative Fuels - This course introduces students to the role, function, and practical application of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel for the internal combustion engine.

AUTO 183: Compressed Natural Gas Engines. 

AUTO 260: Intermediate Electrical Systems - This is a theory/practical course in the automotive body electrical system, covering all classes of electrical components and power accessories in the area of diagnosing and component repairs.

AUTO 265: Advanced Automotive Electrical.

AUTO 281: Emission Control Systems - 1997 Standards - This course gives the advanced automotive student exposure to the current methods, devices, and manufacturers of automotive emission control systems.


BA 152: Fundamentals of Importing and Exporting.

BA 155: Introduction to Global Logistics. 

Community and Fee-Based Courses

  • Alternative and Renewable Maintenance Training - Cerritos College is please to be a part of an exciting incumbent workforce training program for employees who are engaged in alternative fuels to support the Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) that was created in 2007 under Assembly Bill 118.

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