Business Communications Office Technology

The mission of the Business Communications/Business Computerized Office Technologies Department is to provide academic and practical instruction to prepare students for a career in the office/secretarial fields, for training and/or re-training to meet employment requirements for currency in office technologies/secretarial skills, for personal skill attainment.
The mission of the Business Communications program is to prepare students, regardless of their major course of study, to communicate orally and in writing while incorporating different business documents including letters, memos, reports, résumés, career development, business presentations, international communication, telephone techniques,  and customer service.
The mission of the Business Computerized Office Technologies program is to prepare students for employment in the fields of Administrative/Executive Assistant, Word Processing, Secretarial (executive, legal, medical fields), and Office Technologies; to re-train students in the secretarial/office fields as required by their employers; to prepare students for personal attainment via office skills.

All of our courses are taught either traditionally, online, or hybrid. We try to meet the needs of all our student population. NOTE: Traditional class means completely on-campus; Online class means completely online; and Hybrid class means partially online and partially on-campus.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO's): 

  1. Competency in computer technology and office software (Microsoft Office).
  2. Competency in the in any office environment—medical/dental/vision, legal, government, education, real estate, general business, banking, mortgage/loan, and retail offices.
  3. Competency in office skills—records management, keyboarding, customer service, and office procedures.
  4. Competency in English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, number usage, spelling, proofreading, and vocabulary.
  5. Competency in business writing (letters, memos, reports, employment documents), international communication, and oral communications/presentations with PowerPoint. 

For more information concerning these programs contact:

Department Faculty

Cindy Moriarty

Jianli Hu