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Business Communications Office Technology

The purpose of the Business Communications Office Technology Department is to provide the student an opportunity for training and/or re-training to meet the requirements of current office technologies and secretarial fields to achieve professional or personal growth. There is a dual function for this department because we offer both business communications courses as well as office technology courses.  

The primary function for business communications is to prepare students, regardless of their majors, to communicate orally and in writing in diverse business environments both domestically and internationally. Since the means of communication are changing so quickly, the Department makes sure that textbooks are current and that instructors have strong English and business backgrounds. By the time students’ graduate from the Business Communications Office Technology Department, they will have created a working résumé as well as strong interviewing skills.

The primary function for office technology is to offer curricula that prepare students for employment in the fields of Administrative/Executive Assistant, Secretarial (executive and legal fields), and Office Technology; to retrain students in the secretarial/office fields as required by their employers; to prepare students for Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification; and to prepare students for personal or academic skill attainment via office skills.

All of our courses are taught either traditionally, online, or hybrid. We try to meet the needs of all our student population. NOTE: Traditional class means completely on-campus; Online class means completely online; and Hybrid class means partially online and partially on-campus.


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