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Child Development Courses

Child Development Students have several options when it comes to their education. We now offer the AS-T degree, the A.A degree, as well as two certificates; the Child Development/Early Childhood Certificate of Achievement as well as the Child Development/Preschool Director Certificate of Achievement. We also highly encourage students to look into acquiring their Child Development Permit from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing which will help them obtain a job in state-funded or federally-funded programs (click on Child Development Permit Matrix to see your options).

  • Start with the 4 Core Classes:
  • CD 110 - Child Development 
  • CDEC 111 - Principles and Practices In Early Childhood Education
  • CDEC 112 - Early Childhood Education Curriculum
  • CDEC 113 - The Child, Family and Community
  • Total for this section = 12 units 
  • Plus these 4 required courses:
  • CD 124 - The Child in the Diverse Society
  • CD 139 - Observation, Assessment, and Positive Guidance of Childhood Behavior
  • CDEC 161 - Nutrition, Health and Safety in Children's Programs
  • CDEC 164 - Early Childhood Education Practicum
  • Total units up to this section = 24 units = Certificiate of Achievement in Child Development/Early Childhood
  • Total units for the AS-T = the above 24 units for Child Development + Plan B for General Education (maximum of 39 units).

6 units of Optional Specializations for the Master Teacher Level of the Permit: (choose 2 of the following courses)

ECE Curriculum Planning Specialization

  • CDEC 62 - Exploring Creative Art Expression by Children (Fall only)
  • CDEC 63 - Early Childhood Experiences in Language Arts and Social Sciences (Spring only)
  • CDEC 65 - Music and Movement for Young Children (Fall only)
  • CDEC 133 - Early Childhood Experiences in Math and Science (Spring only)

Infant/Toddler Specialization

  • CDIT 151 - Infant and Toddler Development
  • CDIT 152 - Infant and Toddler Programs)

Special Education Specialization

  • CDSE 150 - Survey of Special Education
  • CDSE 152 - Special Education Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs

For the Child Development/Preschool Director Certificate of Achievement add these classes:

    • CDEC 166: Admin I:  Programs in Early Childhood
    • CDEC 167: Admin II:  Personnel and Leadership
    • CDEC 230: Adult Supervision and Mentoring


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