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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the beginning of what we hope will be a growing list of questions (and answers!!) to help child development students navigate their way through different types of jobs/permits/certificates etc.  If you have a question that is not on this list, please let one of your child development instructors know and we will add it!  

1.  What classes should I start with?

     According to Department of Social Services, Title 22 regulations, assistants must have six units in child development.  Teachers must have twelve units; and the units must include a child development class; child, family, community; and curriculum.  Although our core classes can be taken in any order, we do recommend that you take CD 110 (Child Growth and Development) first as this will give you the theoretical background to be successful in the other classes.  However, this is just a recommendation!

2.  What if I want to open my own family child care?

     Again, Department of Social Services is the place to start.  You can access all the Title 22 regulations at    You must attend an orientation through Department of Social Services to open your own family child care.

3.  I want to become a director.  What do I need to do??

     You need to take the Administration classes:  CDEC 166 and CDEC 167.  You must also attend the orientation through Department of Social Services.  See above.

4.  Child Development Permits:  the what/why/where and how!!

     What: the Child Development Permit is getting a credential for early childhood education.  It is issued by the State of California, Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Learn more at State of California, Commission on Teacher Credentialing 

     Why:  It is not required by Title 22 licensed schools; however, we highly recommend that you get it.  All government funded schools require it (Head Start, LAUP, state funded preschools).  If you want to work at a higher quality school, get the permit!!  It will make you more marketable and you will get a better job having it.

     Where:  Although the permit is issued by the State of California, we can help you with all the paperwork.  Just see one of your child development instructors.  Because Cerritos College belongs to the Child Development Training Consortium, your application fees are paid for and you are reimbursed $51.00 towards the cost of fingerprinting.

5.  I applied for the Child Development Training Consortium stipend.  When will I receive my money?

     You will receive a letter confirming that you received funds or not.  The funds are deposited directly into your MyCerritos account at the beginning of the subsequent semester.  For example, if you applied in the Fall semester, your funds will be awarded in January of the Spring semester.  

6.  I attended a college or university in another country.  Where can I go to get my transcripts evaluated?

    First, you should visit either Olga Andrade, department chair for Child Development, or Sylvia Bello-Gardner in the counseling department.  Either one of them can look unofficial transcripts to let you know if it is worth having them officially evaluated by a service.  This service is very expensive so you want to make sure it is worth it!

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