Emergency Work Request Guidelines

The following safety-based requests are considered emergencies and will be taken by telephone as they directly affect classes in session, as well as safety and security.  The department/division will still need to input these requests through WebMainsaver; phone notification does not substitute for placing a work request on-line.  

Please call extension 2307 or 2309 to report emergency issues/problems during normal business hours; for after-hours assistance, please call 2306 for dispatch over the custodial radio.

  • Slip/Fall situations
  • Flowing water in urinals/toilets/sprinklers/pipes
  • Plugged/inoperable urinals/toilets/sinks
  • Broken glass
  • Loss of electrical service (not burned out light tubes or bulbs) to classrooms/offices
  • Trees or limbs down
  • Elevators stuck/inoperable
  • Locks/doors -- only if the classroom access is impacted, or security is compromised.
  • Loss of heating or air conditioning (air flow)