Business Services Homepage

The Office of Business Services is dedicated to providing cost-effective and high-quality business support and administrative services to the campus. Business Services facilitates the efficient and effective utilization of college resources to further the goal of student success and the educational mission of Cerritos College. We work proactively with all college constituents to aid in the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to integrate our professional expertise in the areas of Business Services, Fiscal Services, Facilities and Operations, Construction, Information Technology, Purchasing and Contract Management, and Campus Police to design and implement working solutions to operational and academic challenges. Our services meet students, faculty, staff and community members’ needs and enable their goal attainment in a constantly changing environment.

Areas of Responsibility Include: Auxiliary Services; Bond Management & Capital Construction; Campus Police; Events Management; Facilities, Operations & Maintenance; Fiscal Services, Accounting, Budget & Payroll; Information Technology; Legal Services; Parking & Transportation; Purchasing & Procurement; Contract Management; Warehouse; Risk Management & Property and Liability.

  • Campus Police
    The mission of Cerritos College Police Department (CCPD) is to support the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Regardless of race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship status, religious belief, and all other identifying characteristics, CCPD is dedicated to supporting and protecting all our community without discrimination or bias.
  • Facilities
    The mission of the Facilities Department is to provide a safe and physically sound campus environment that promotes student success and a quality work place for our faculty, staff, and community.

  • Fiscal Services
    The mission of Fiscal Services, comprised of Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, and Payroll, is to maintain the fiscal integrity of the District through adherence and compliance with sound business practices, District policies and regulatory agencies requirements in order to safeguard District resources and assure continuation and stability of the institution.

  • Information Technology
    The mission of Information Technology is to provide the services and support for administrative and academic computing, build the technology infrastructure, and support the technology required for all areas of the college to fulfill their mission and achieve their goals.

  • Purchasing
    The mission of Purchasing is the judicious procurement of goods and services for students, faculty, and staff to have the necessary tools and resources they need to be successful and advance the mission of the college.