Buses are used to transport student groups for field trips and athletic events. Requests for bus transportation should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the trip. Bus Service forms to request a bus. All bus trips require that the driver and bus remain with the group until the trip is over, unless designated otherwise by the group leader. Buses that will accommodate wheelchair students are available upon request. The wheelchair accessible buses come in four sizes and will accommodate one or two standard (manual or automatic) wheelchairs.

Bus sizes available to groups are:

  • 38 passenber bus
  • 47 passenger bus
  • 56 passenger bus


All vehicle usage requires a Vehicle Use Request at signed by a Department manager or Dean. The request should be filled out and received by Facilities before the scheduled use of the vehicle. District vehicles may only be used for District business, including field trips, meetings, conferences, visiting other schools and other related District business. Use of District vehicles is on a first-come, first-serve basis and shall be used for trips of not more than 150 miles one way. Vehicles must be returned the same day of use and are not to be kept overnight.

Facilities vehicles include:

one (1) minivan, one (1) large van, one (1) large van with a chair lift, one (1) pickup truck and one (1) stake bed truck.

The minivan will hold seven (7) passengers (including driver), the large van will hold fifteen (15) passengers (including driver) and the lift van will hold up to eight (8) passengers depending on the number of chairs in the van. The maximum number of passengers including the driver shall not exceed fifteen (15) for a van, and seven (7) for a mini-van. Fewer passengers are recommended to allow for sufficient luggage space. All drivers will be given a yellow "Driver's Report" card to be filled out and returned so that the mileage of the vehicles can be tracked. Seats may not be removed from the vans for any reason. If staff members need to transport District items, arrangements should be made to use the pickup truck or the stake bed truck.

All drivers must be initially cleared through Campus Police to drive these vehicles. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid California Driver's License. For the 15 passenger van, the driver must have a valid California Class " B " license.

For trips of more than one day, vehicles may be rented through the Purchasing Department. All appropriate sections of the Transportation Policy shall apply for all rental vehicles. (Discretionary Education Code, Section 70902)

For assistance in scheduling use of buses or District vehicles, please contact:

Luz Ocampo  ext. 2307