Work Requests

Work Requests are to be submitted through WebMainsaver, regardless of urgency.  Each division/department has an authorized WebMainsaver user(s) who can enter work requests for repairs or other work requiring the services of Facilities Department personnel.

Non-critical problems (problems that do not impact the ability to continue classes or impact safety and security) will be scheduled for maintenance upon receipt of the WebMainsaver work request by the Facilities Manager. Critical problems (problems that impact classes in session, safety, or security) should be phoned into the Facilities office for immediate notification/response, in addition to inputting a work request on WebMainsaver for follow-up. The Facilities office can be reached at extension 2307 or extension 2309; for after-hours assistance, please call 2306 for dispatch over the custodial radio.

Once the Facilities Manager receives the work request, it is then converted into a work order and assigned to the appropriate trade shop.  The authorized user and their Dean/manager will receive a confirmation via e-mail that a work order number has been assigned.  

To help minimize problems when inputting work requests, please put only one job/task on each request and an account number if materials are needed for installation.  For example, if you have surplus items you want moved to the Warehouse, but they are in three different rooms, you will need to submit a work request for each room's surplus items.

Requests for special set-ups or events need to be submitted to the Civic Center office through the R25 Scheduling program to verify space availability.  If you have any questions or concerns with the scheduling of events or space availability, please contact Denise Marshall in the Civic Center office at extension 2303 or at