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Welcome to Cerritos College Chinese Program!

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world --about 1.2 billion people (around 16% of the world's population) speak Chinese. Along with China’s economic growth and strong China-U.S. economic and trade ties, Chinese language is proliferating.

Cerritos College Chinese Program offers an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Chinese. Since 2017 when Chinese AA degree started to be conferred, there has been more than 50 students who have attained the degree. These graduates have either transferred to four-year universities to explore Chinese further by taking upper-division courses or entered into a profession that is dedicated to U.S-China educational, cultural and commercial cooperation and exchanges. Students who have attained a Chinese AA degree will have an opportunity to earn the Chinese Program Scholarship.

The core courses for Chinese major include CHIN 101 (Elementary Chinese I, 5 cr.), CHIN 102 (Elementary Chinese II, 5cr.), CHIN 201 (Intermediate Chinese I, 5 cr.), CHIN 202 (Intermediate Chinese II, 5 cr.), and CHIN 260 (Chinese Culture & Society, offered in English, 3cr.). All the course credits are transferrable to UC/CSU, and all the courses can be taken ONLINE. These courses aim to develop students’ survival skills in a Chinese-speaking environment as well as their knowledge and understanding of general aspects of Chinese culture, history and society.  

The characteristics of Chinese Program are: Student-centered, Task-based, Tech-assisted, Immersion and Fun.

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