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Modern Languages - French

Cerritos College French Program

Modern French has a historical linguistic implication to the general multiethnic, multicultural and socio-economic reality of globalization. French is spoken by 265M people world - wide, and 115M people have French as a first language.

The French Program is designed for studying French as a Romance language in continuous reference to other languages belonging to the same group such as Spanish. The French Program offers courses of French ranging from elementary levels to advanced levels. Every level addresses the cultural aspect. The significant objectives with the curriculum of French courses and Romance Linguistics are progressive, interesting and stimulating.

French Program excellent records attest to its commitment to professional as well as to the intellectual formation of Cerritos College students.

Mihaela Luiza Florescu
PhD in French and Romance Linguistics
University of California Los Angeles
Phone: (562) 860-2451 ext. 2827
Office: LA-W

French Courses

i. Elementary French

French 101 (5 units)

French 102 (5 units)


ii. Intermediate French

French 201 (5 units)

French 202 (5 units)

French 203 (5 units)


iii. Conversational French

Beg Conversational French (3 units)

Inter Conversational French (3 units)

Adv. Conversational French (3 units)


iv. Romance Linguistics

French 285 (3 units)

Les Champs Elysees

Eiffel Tower

Shakesphere & Company Bookstore

Notre Dame

Voltaire Candide ebook

Le Petit Prince book



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