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Guided Pathways

Welcome to Cerritos College Guide Pathways

The California Guided Pathways project challenges us to re-imagine how we help our students reach their career and academic goals. At Cerritos College, Guided Pathways provides a supportive college experience that allows students to successfully achieve their academic goals in a timely manner by providing a clear path to a career of value.

The statewide Guided Pathway projects aspires to a comprehensive transformation of the community college system, with the aim of improving our students’ educational experience, starting with how students enter the college and ending with how we assist with their transitions to the workforce or university. 

While this is a state-wide project, our goal is to design a system that best needs the needs of Cerritos College students. 

Guided Pathways Professional Development Series 2021/2022 Schedule

"The Guided Pathways Journey at Cerritos College" September 23 at 3 pm, presenters Traci Ukita and Angela Hoppe-Nagao
Description: In this session, participants will learn about the history of Guided Pathways at Cerritos College, important updates on currents practices and new technologies, and an exploration of what is to come. This is a great session for those who would like to learn more about the Guided Pathways initiative and for those who would like to learn more about how this initiative helps to support student success.

“Building Connection with Success Squads”. October 21 at 3 pm, presenter Lynn Serwin
Description: In this session, participants will learn about Success Squads and how to use this model to help students stay on the path and enhance their learning.

"Stepping into the Student Journey with Guided Pathways", November 18th at 3 pm, Student Panel.
Description: In this session, students will discuss their journeys at Cerritos College, their experience with Learning and Career Pathways, and reflect on factors that created barriers and enabled success.

"SLOs: How to create an improvement plan for SLOs", January 20 at 3 pm, presenter LeeAnne McIllroy
Description: In this session, the participants will learn how to develop meaningful improvement plans based on student learning outcome data, including the use of disaggregated data.

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