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Public Health Science

The Associate in Science Degree in Public Health Science for Transfer is an interdisciplinary degree grounded in the biological and health sciences that is designed to prepare leaders who promote community health, prevent disease, and improve environmental conditions where people can be healthy. The study of public health explores the factors that affect the overall health of a population and the factors that contribute to the spread, treatment, and prevention of disease. Students completing this program will exemplify a high level of health literacy and will be exposed to a wide variety of disciplines. Through this preparation, they will improve their understanding of the relationship of the environment to health, global health, public policy, and recognize and evaluate the economic impact of changing demographics on health care, identify disease outbreaks, and develop interventions to promote healthy behavior.
This program is for seamless transfer to CSU.

Public Health Science Growth, Salary, and Program Mapper

Required Core Courses

Course number Course name Units
HED or HO 102 Introduction to Public Health                 3
HED 100 Contemporary Health Problems 3
A&P 150 Introduction To Human Anatomy 4
A&P 151 Introduction To Human Physiology 4
BIOL120 Introduction to Biological Science 3
CHEM 100 Introduction to Chemistry 4
CHEM 111 General Chemistry with Lab for Science Majors (5)
PSYC 101 General Introductory Psychology 3
MATH 112 or PSYC 210 Elementary Statistics 4

Select one course

Course number Course name Units
ECON 201M Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 202M Principles of Macroeconomics 3
HED 103 Women, Their Bodies and Health 3
HED 110 or KIN 110 Community First Aid and CPR 3
HED 202 Health Systems and Perspectives 3
HO 103 Health and Social Justice 3
HO 152 Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3
HED 200 Nutrition for Health (3)
PSYC 245 or HO 245 Drugs and Behavior 3
SOC 101  Introductory Social Principles 3

total units 32-33

The Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (AS-T in Public Health Science) is a special degree offered at California Community Colleges. Students who earn an AS-T degree in Public Health Science will be prepared to transfer and are guaranteed admission to a campus within the California State University (CSU) system in Public Health Science or a similar major, although not necessarily to a specific campus.  

Students who are planning to pursue an AS-T are strongly advised to meet with a counselor for additional information about this transfer program.

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