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Health Curriculum

  • HED 100 Contemporary Health Problems
    Students will identify, analyze, and seek solutions to contemporary health issues.  The learner will be exposed to such health components as improving nutrition and physical fitness, enhancing mental and emotional health, creating healthy and caring relationships, avoiding and overcoming destructive habits, preventing and fighting disease, and facing life’s transitions.  Transfer Credit: CSU; UC

  • HED 101 Stress Management This course is designed to give students an understanding of physiological and mental determinants and manifestations of stress. Topics include the nature and physiology of stress, mental stress, stress as it relates to disease, emotions, and personality, behavior modification, communication, time management, physical exercise and nutrition. Students are also trained in a variety of stress management techniques including imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, biofeedback, problem solving techniques, state and trait anxiety inventories, centering, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, art therapy, music therapy, and humor therapy. Transfer Credit: CSU

  • HED 103 Women’s Health This course will examine contemporary women’s health issues and body image concerns.  General topics will include images of women, lifespan changes, mental health, eating disorders, prevention of abuse and self-harm, social roles, sexual identity and sexuality, relationships, birth control, and pregnancy.  Current research on cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions will be discussed as they pertain to women’s issues.  Students will develop the skills necessary to become wiser consumers of health and beauty-enhancing products.  (This course is not open to students currently enrolled or who have completed WS or WSG 103) Transfer Credit: CSU

  • HED 104 Health and Society Observing lifestyles in different populations and their influences on health and treatments within their respective environments. This class will also explore the physical, mental, and spiritual foundations for understanding and developing cultural competencies. Transfer Credit: CSU

  • HED 105 Mind, Body, and Health This course focuses on the mid/body interaction and how attitudes and emotions directly affect physical health and well-being. Also, special attention will be placed upon the importance of social support and interpersonal relationships and how they affect well-being. It further discusses health as it pertains to psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, relationships, faith, personality types, and other issues related to consciousness. Transfer Credit: CSU

  • HED 110 Community First Aid and CPR  Lecture This course introduces the skills required to provide basic life support in an emergency illness or injury. The course includes adult, infant, and child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid. Upon successful completion of all tests, student will be issued an American Red Cross card for Community First Aid and CPR. (This course is not open to students who are currently enrolled in or have received credit for KIN 110). Transfer Credit: CSU; UC

  • HED 200 Nutrition for Fitness This course is introduction to the basic nutritional principles important to physically active individuals.  Material will cover the role of food in enhancing exercise and sport performance, body composition, and energy production.  Current research and practical activities will be presented.  This course is especially applicable for individuals interested in careers related to fitness or athletics. Transfer Credit: CSU; UC

  • HED 201 Health Promotion and Education This course focuses on the principles and foundations of health promotion and education. The course materials will provide students with essential knowledge and preparation to work in public health. Students will apply the lessons learned in this course by helping people make healthy choices through different philosophies and theories of health promotion/education. Transfer Credit: CSU

  • HED 202 Health Systems and Perspectives This course focuses on the availability and delivery of the healthcare systems in the United States. The course materials will provide students with knowledge in which health care services are organized and delivered, the forces that impact health care public policy decisions, factors that determine the allocation of health care resources and the establishment of priorities, the relationship of health care costs to measurable benefits, and the contributions of medical technology, research findings, and societal values on the health care delivery system. Transfer Credit: CSU

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