Facilities Master Plan


Facilities Master Plan

Your Bond Dollars at Work!

Updated Master Plan

The approval of the 2011 Facilities Master Plan has empowered the District to realize multiple goals and objectives. The improvement of campus buildings and aging infrastructure will allow the College to fulfill its commitment to provide a high-quality, academically rigorous instruction responsive to the diversity represented in the student body and served by Cerritos Community College District.

The following are goals of Cerritos College:

  • Maximize functional space
  • Eliminate non-functional space
  • Improve efficiency/utilization of site and facilities
  • Right-size the campus to address program needs
  • Develop a collegian learning environment
  • Improve Campus identity, connections, and circulation
  • Simplify implementation

Cerritos College is committed to developing a campus that is energy efficient and sustainable in order to minimize environmental impact, save operation and maintenance costs, and promote health and well being. Through synergistic design coordination between architects and engineers, the building envelope, ventilation, lighting and water systems can work together to reduce use of natural resources and minimize operational costs without substantially increasing construction costs.

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