Field House- Facilities Master Plan

Field House

Your Bond Dollars at Work!


Artist rendering of Fieldhouse

Currently in design phase, the new Field House at Cerritos College is a new single story, 17,500 gross square foot building located in the northeast area of campus. This building is being designed to meet the criteria for LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) certification. Facing Alondra Boulevard, the project will serve as an entry portal to the iconic Falcon Stadium. The existing vegetated fence and ticket kiosk will be replaced by a 350' long building - which happens to be about the length of a football field. The project is located at the terminus of the major east-west campus pedestrian route, and is highly visible from campus and the community. A tentative schedule has this construction beginning in July 2016 and occupancy in August 2017.

Fieldhouse view