New Health & Wellness Complex - Facilities Master Plan

Health & Wellness Complex

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The new Health Wellness Complex (HWC) at Cerritos College will be a complex of five new buildings totaling 76,000 gross square feet and will be located immediately south of the existing campus gymnasium, along the western edge of the campus' athletic precinct. This building is being designed to meet the criteria for LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) certification. Functioning as the home base for all athletic and physical education activities, the new complex will provide a much needed expansion of laboratory, classroom, office and support spaces tailored to the specialized needs of the robust physical education and athletics program of the college.

dSite Plan

Site Plan of new HWC

The program for the new complex will be delivered in two phases, allowing the continued use of the existing physical education building during the early phases of construction. This avoids the need for costly interim housing and disruption of program activities. A tentative schedule has this construction beginning in November 2016, with Phase 1 complete in January 2018 and Phase 2 complete in January 2019. The Physical Education, Fitness, Dance and Hall of Fame buildings will be constructed in Phase 1.

The Dance/Fitness building includes two dance studios linked by a common entry area. Shared support spaces such as rest rooms and changing rooms rest between the studios and are accessed through the common area.

The Student Health Services building, to be completed under Phase 2 construction, is a stand-alone facility that is organized into two zones, the clinical zone and the counseling and administration zone.

New PE building

Artist Rendering of the east entrance to the HPED division offices

Student Center

Artist Rendering of the Student Health Center