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Bloomfield Scholarship


In Memorandum: Dr. Edward Bloomfield

DrEdwardBloomfieldDuring his 35 years of teaching philosophy at Cerritos College, Dr. Edward Bloomfield guided and nurtured the intellectual life of thousands of students. Upon his retirement in May 2003, he established the Edward H. Bloomfield Philosophy Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a Cerritos College student enrolled in philosophy courses who exemplifies outstanding scholarly qualities in the study of philosophy. 

In a 2012 interview when Dr. Bloomfield was inducted into the Cerritos College Hall of Fame, he spoke about his approach to teaching philosophy: "What I tried to do was 'take the lid off' and teach them that if you expand your ideas you will enlarge your world, and that an idea is dynamite - it can be one of the most powerful experiences you will ever encounter." 

Dr. Bloomfield inspired many students and made a significant difference in the life of each student that crossed paths with him. Gifts to the Edward H. Bloomfield Philosophy Scholarship will help carry his powerful legacy forward.


President's Message: Professor Emeritus Dr. Edward Bloomfield

August 3, 2021

I am saddened to announce that Professor Emeritus Dr. Edward Bloomfield passed away on August 2, 2021.  Dr. Bloomfield was hired in September 1969 as a full-time Philosophy instructor. He served as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs from July 1979 until June 1982. Subsequently he returned to the classroom until his retirement in May 2003.

Dr. Bloomfield was a beloved member of the Cerritos College family. His smile and jovial personality were recognizable anywhere. Well respected by his students and colleagues, Dr. Bloomfield was one of the first recipients of the Outstanding Faculty Awards in 1986, chosen as the Commencement Speaker in 2001 and the first faculty member to be inducted into the Cerritos College Hall of Fame in 2012. In celebration of the college’s 40th anniversary, his parents Henry and Mabel donated two sago palms which are planted in front of the college’s library. Upon his retirement, he established the Cerritos College Edward H. Bloomfield Philosophy Scholarship and donated his philosophy books to the college. Dr. Bloomfield was dedicated and committed to the college, our students, and his profession.

$500 Bloomfield Scholarship Essay

The Bloomfield Scholarship Award is given to a student who exemplifies outstanding scholarly qualities in the study of philosophy. The essay is due to Arete on March 1st and the full application package is due March 8th to Prof. Ted Stolze. 


  • Student must have completed two philosophy courses (but do not need to be a phil major).
  • Student must be enrolled at Cerritos College at the time of application.
  • Student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the end of Fall 2021
  • An argumentative essay must be submitted to Arete 

YouTube - Dr. Edward Bloomfield Philosophy video



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