Majoring in Psychology

Why Major in Psychology?

Psychology is defined as the systematic study of behavior and experience in humans and animals (Kalat, 2008). To understand psychology is to understand what makes us who we are.  As a result, majoring in psychology is not only interesting, it applies to almost every aspect of human life and can, therefore, influence one's career opportunities, foster healthy relationships with family and friends and help one come to know one's true self.

What the Psychology Department at Cerritos College has to offer students pursuing a degree in psychology.

The Psychology Department at Cerritos College is recognized as one of the finest in the California Community College system.  The full-time and part-time faculty are outstanding and have received teaching awards, presented and published high quality research, and maintain an active psychology club.  The faculty are dedicated to mentoring students in order to help them achieve academic and professional success.

One key to the academic/professional success of students (i.e. earning scholarships and receiving awards to help fund the cost of education, transferring to four-year institutions, acceptance to graduate schools to earn advanced degrees, and ultimately obtaining that well deserved, rewarding career) is to develop lasting relationships with faculty.  The psychology faculty at Cerritos College continually strive to guide and mentor students so they can achieve their desired academic and/or professional goals.

Here are the requirements for the Psychology degree:  Psychology AA-T