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1. How long is the program?
Four semesters over two academic years.
2. When does the program start?
The program begins in Fall semester which is generally the 3rd week in August.   Applications for acceptance to the program are due each April 15th for admittance to the following fall semester.
3. What degree will I have at the end of the program?
Graduates of the program will be awarded an Associate in Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant.  However, earning the AS degree does not automatically entitle the graduate to practice as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  The graduate must apply for permission to sit for the California State Board Examination, and pass in order to gain licensure in the state of California.
4. What does a Physical Therapist Assistant do?
Perform patient interventions in the form of treatment for various disabilities and age ranges, under the direction of a physical therapist.  These interventions may include physical agents such as hydrotherapy, thermal and cryotherapy (heat and cold), electrotherapy, exercises of various types, and patient retraining for ambulation, work, daily and leisure activities.

See above for job description of a Physical Therapist Assistant.  Physical Therapists may use the above interventions.  In addition, a physical therapist is responsible for managing all aspects of the physical therapy care of each patient.  A physical therapist shall provide:  initial evaluation, periodic reevaluation, and discharge evaluation for each patient and documentation.  A physical therapist shall assure the qualifications of all physical therapist assistants and physical therapy aides under his or her direction and supervision.  A physical therapist shall provide all of the therapeutic intervention that requires the expertise of a physical therapist and shall determine the use of physical therapist assistants or physical therapy aides that provides for the delivery of service that is safe, effective, and efficient for each patient.  A physical therapist may use a physical therapy aide for designated routine tasks.  A physical therapy aide shall work under the on-site supervision of a physical therapist who is continuously on-site and present in the facility.  For further information regarding Physical Therapy practice, please see the "Learn Physical Therapy Basics" page at the following link:
For more information on Physical Therapy licensing within California, please visit following
6. How are students selected for the program?
Please refer to the program application for criteria.
7. How is “work experience” verified?
By a letter from the applicant’s employer stating that the applicant was “paid as a physical therapy aide.”
8. What are the career opportunities for Physical Therapist Assistants?
A licensed Physical Therapist Assistant can work in a variety of settings under the direction of a Physical Therapist such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatric treatment units and outpatient clinic.  Currently the job market is excellent.  Most students have accepted positions by the time they graduate.  Graduate surveys show that 100% of the program graduates are employed within six months of graduation.
9. What are the chances of being accepted into the program?
The program receives between 180 to 300 applications during any given application cycle each year.  Approximately 10-15% of applicants do not qualify because they have not competed pre-requisite courses or do not submit complete applications. We accept 32 students per year from the qualified pool.  Not all students who are selected begin the program.  These vacant spots are filled from an alternate list. The program is a competitive-entry by-application program. Points are assigned for work experience, general education courses, additional science/medical related courses (see category 3 of the self evaluation form), and grades earned in those courses. The typical accepted applicant has, in addition to the prerequisite courses, work experience in the field of physical therapy, as well as many courses from category 3 (see selection rating form for details) with high grades.

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