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Rodney Swearengin

Rodney Swearengin in Clarkdale, AZ March 2022

Rodney H. Swearengin
Philosophy Professor 

Rodney Swearengin's YouTube Channel 

Rodney Swearengin earned his master’s degree in philosophy from the Claremont Graduate University, studying under D. Z. Phillips and specializing in a Wittgensteinian  approach to the philosophy of religion. Since the 1990s, Rodney has held various positions as an adjunct professor of philosophy in southern California, also working as a marketing executive, and completing substantial graduate work in mathematics at Cal. State Long Beach and UC Santa Cruz. Professor Swearengin joined the philosophy department at Cerritos College in 2018, after returning from Santa Cruz. His current research is in what he styles as “political ecology”—an analysis of climate change that utilizes classic economics to delve the political and ideological roots of the crisis, while interrogating a languishing philosophy into something that is adequately responsive to the lived experience of the longue durée cataclysm that is this moment of human existence. 

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