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Students Speak!

A project collecting reflections of students from Sociology 120: Human Sexuality with Ms. Pirtle

I have been teaching a Human Sexuality class at the college level for a number of years. Each semester I have required students to write a paper on an issue we've discussed during the course of the class ranging from dating to gender roles to child abuse and molestation to gender identity and more.  And every semester I am moved by what I read in those papers.

I have known for a number of years that I needed to do something with these papers because every semester I would read similar stories of child abuse, violence in relationships, struggles with gender identity and even thoughts of suicide and knew that I needed to let other young adults know that they were not alone in their personal struggles.

And so a website called 'Students Speak' was born. 

I created this website as a place where students who are struggling with personal issues can find someone who has been through what they've been through, a place of identification, so they don't feel so alone with what they are facing.  A place where students can find help with their struggles.

On this site students will find stories written by their peers about what they have experienced in their lives, how they felt about it, how it has affected them, along with websites, books, organizations, and professional insights that provide information and guidance for those suffering from similar experiences.

There are three main topics discussed on this website - Sexual Orientation, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Dating and Relationships.

I would like to thank every one of my students for trusting me with their deeply personal stories, and their willingness to share a part of themselves in hopes of helping others who have been affected as they have.

So welcome to "Students Speak!"

-Dianne Pirtle



Sexual Orientation

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dating and Relationships