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Classified/Confidential Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Who is eligible?

  • Each nominee must be a permanent full-time or part-time classified or confidential employee. (Nominations are received and verified by Staff Development Assistant.)


  1. Nominees must perform their duties beyond their job duties. They perform these duties with distinction and also make a positive contribution to students, fellow employees, or the college community.

  2. Examples of positive contributions to the college community may include but are not limited to:

    a. serving on a committee or as a club advisor

    b. improving or creating a new procedure, guideline or process

    c. participating in campus programs, events or student activities.

    d. doing volunteer work on campus or off-campus

Nominations will be presented to the committee one week prior to the committee meeting. Meeting Dates

Guidelines for Writing a Nomination:

Please provide a detailed description of why you think the nominee has earned the honor of becoming the “Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee of the Month.”

Please provide specific examples of how the nominee’s contributions to the college go above and beyond his/her normal job duties.

For this nomination to be considered, the nominating individual must list detailed reasons why the nominee(s) should be considered by the committee.

The Outstanding Classified Employment Selection Committee will review all nominations and may seek additional information in writing or in person from the person making the nomination.

You may complete this form as a paragraph or a list of relevant information. Thank you for taking the time to nominate your fellow employees for their contributions to the college mission and community.

Nominee Information:

Nominator Information:


This person is noted for the work performed on campus:       
This person is dedicated and reliable employee:       
This person is willing to help:       
This person is respectful:       
This person is approachable:       
This person embodies the classified/confidential staff:       
Other employees seek direction/guidance from this employee:       
This person contributes to students, fellow employees, or the college community:       
This person serves on a committee or as a club advisor:       
This person has developed or improved a new procedure, guideline or process:       
This person participates in campus programs, events, or student activities:       
This person does volunteer work on or off campus:       

Additional Information:

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Revised March 21, 2017
Approved by Staff Development Committee March 21, 2017

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