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everyone can study abroad!

Study Abroad at Cerritos College is a great opportunity, no matter who you are or what stage of your academic journey are you in.  Participants receive GE college credits, learn important skills that increase applicants competitiveness for jobs and internships, and are immersed in a new experience, culture, and history.  Students who study abroad generally achieve higher GPA, degree completion, graduation rates, and internship opportunities. 

Cerritos College offers 2 types of experiences:

  • Faculty-led Programs - These for-credit experiences are offered during summer and offer 6 weeks of instruction (typically about 2 weeks at Cerritos/online and 3-4 weeks abroad).
  • Cultural Immersion Programs - these not-for-credit experiences, typically 3 weeks long, are designed to immerse you in a country's language and culture. 

All Cerritos programs are open to all, including current, new, and graduated students, as well as students attending another school over the age of 18. Cerritos Enrollment is required.

Additionally, there are creative ways to fund your study abroad experience, including scholarships, fundraising, and financial aid. Explore this page for more details and information.



Cerritos College study abroad returns for a summer of adventure, art, and learning in LONDON!
    • Program will run during the first 6-week summer 2024 session (May 20th - June 27th).
    • Participants will begin classes online for two weeks, then travel to to London to complete the final 3 weeks (June 4th - 27th) of coursework in London with their peers and professors.
    • Courses offered - read detailed course descriptions
      • ENGL 102 - Introduction to Literature (3 units)
      • ENGL 110 - Critical Thinking Through Literature (4 units)
      • TH 102 - History of Classical Theater (3 units)
      • TH 103 - HIstory of the Modern Theater (3 units)



Taiwan, Providene University - Summer 2024

Learn Mandarin and explore the local culture during 3-weeks in TAIWAN.

    • Program dates: June 24th - July 13th, 2024
    • Participants will begin their program at Providence University (2 week: June 24th to July 6th) learning Mandarin and exploring the local community.
    • The final week (July 7th to July 13th), students will participate in a Leadership Camp with local Taiwanese students.
    • This program does not require enrollment in a specific course and students will not earn academic credit.

View Taiwan Program Details


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