Health and Medical Insurance Abroad

AIFS provides health, safety, and medical insurance for students enrolled in Cerritos College's study abroad program as part of their program fees.

An on-site orientation upon arrival in the host country provides advice and guidance on culturally relevant topics such as safety, incident response procedures and contact information for local emergency services (police, ambulance, fire service, hospitals, U.S. Embassy, etc.)

24/7 AIFS emergency service is provided throughout the stay in the host country, with both local numbers to reach on‐site staff 24-hours/day and toll‐free numbers in the U.S. as backup.

Student medical and program fee refund insurance policies, as outlined in the AIFS insurance brochure. Coverage includes $100,000 accidental medical expense and $10,000 accidental death payment plus 24‐hour emergency care assistance during the program and repatriation in cases of verified emergency beyond the students’ control.

  • Each student on the program will be enrolled in the CISI insurance plan and global app. Students have access to the ‘My CISI’ website where they can locate their ID card, policy document, search for a doctor (if traveling away from the program site), access personal security information and a copy of the claim form. The CISI app also includes resources such as the location of U.S. Embassies and consulates around the world, individual country profiles, CDC vaccine advice and U.S. State Department advice.
  • A check-in facility is also part of the CISI app, allowing students to mark themselves as "safe" during an incident or requesting assistance should they need it while traveling independently.