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Universal Access

Dear colleagues,

Through the adoption of Board Policy 3411 and Administrative Procedure 3411 titled Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology, Cerritos College expresses its commitment to establishing a barrier free learning community, or universal access, to all individuals. Administrative Procedure 3411 states, in part:

“Electronic and information technologies (EIT) are means by which Cerritos College provides information to students, faculty, staff and other constituents. The need to ensure accessibility to all members of the campus community is critical as more administrative services and learning environments are based on EIT.”

Providing and maintaining accessibility to college programs and services is a campus-wide responsibility. BP 3411 applies to each faculty, classified staff and administrator of the college who provides information through the use of technology. The policy also applies to all information technology required for any activity, program or service that is provided by or sponsored by the college or its auxiliary organizations, including but not limited to, teaching or learning activities, application for or duties of employment, recruitment, recreations functions, personal/professional development and emergency notifications. Implementation of this policy has a profound impact on the campus use, production and procurement of information technologies. It is our responsibility to ensure that accessibility is considered at the time of adoption, development or purchase of electronic and information technology products, services and instructional materials.

Cerritos College wishes to take a leading role in advancing electronic accessibility by tapping new sources of innovation and imagination. The college will be offering training and support for the campus. On this web page, you will find several resources to assist you, including the college’s Universal Access campus website.

Please join me in making this commitment to universal access by promoting awareness and ensuring close collaboration between faculty, service providers and campus experts. With the support of our Universal Access Team, I am confident the college will make measurable progress in this important endeavor.


Dr. Jose Fierro

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