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Video Captioning:

Cerritos College Media Services provides video captioning to all faculty and staff. If you need a video captioned, please review Media Services Captioning Requests: A Quick How-To Guide. For more information, please contact Sarah Pirtle at


The DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. It promotes awareness and accessibility—in both the classroom and the workplace—to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities and make our communities more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive. Here is an article on “Encouraging Students with Disabilities to Pursue STEM Careers.”

The DO-IT Center strives to:

  • Increase the success of people with disabilities in challenging academic programs and careers;
  • Promote the application of universal design to physical spaces, information technology, instruction, and services;
  • Freely distribute online content, publications, and videos for use in presentations, exhibits, and the classroom; and
  • Provide resources for students with disabilities, K-12 educators, postsecondary faculty and administrators, librarians, employers, parents, and mentors.

For more information, consult our Programs and Resources brochure.

NCAM is excited to announce the publication of our new Item Writer Guidelines for Greater Accessibility, a comprehensive and unique resource that can be used to train item writers on accessibility basics with examples and instructions.

Item Writer Guidelines for Greater Accessibility

Visit the Vision Resource Center online and register for a free account. Please note that your PLN account credentials will enable you to access the Vision Resource Center site.  For more information, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at ext. 2797. 

The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has developed a Short Webinar on Online Education and Website Accessibility to help us understand why we make courses accessible.