Information Technology Purchases

Universal Access Review Process for the Purchase of New Information Communication Technology (ICT) Products

Cerritos College is committed to ensuring all programs and services are accessible and usable by all students, staff and faculty. Universal Access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a college responsibility. Universal Access follows Cerritos Board Policies 3411, 6365, and 3720, and meets other state and federal regulations.

To request a review of and purchase approval for ICT products, please follow the ICT Standard Operating Procedure (insert link) and complete the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) form. 

Additional Resources: ICT Review Process Workflow

Important note: Please have the following information available prior to starting the ICT form. You will be unable to complete the ICT form without all of the following:

  1. Product Name
  2. How the product will be used
  3. Product Purpose 
    1. Product Use 
      1. On-Campus
      2. Online
      3. Both On-Campus and Online
    2. Use of Product
      1. Curriculum
      2. Instructional Support
      3. General Use
    3. Who will use the product
      1. Students
      2. Faculty/Staff
      3. Both Students and Faculty/Staff
  4. Implementation Semester
  5. Software Information
    1. Number and types of licenses
    2. Cloud bases (Yes or No)
    3. Does software need to be installed on campus computers
  6. Vendor Contact
    1. Vendor/Company Name
    2. Phone number
    3. Contact Person/Representative
    4. Email address of contact person
  7. Voluntary Product Template (VPAT) for product (to be uploaded to ICT form)
    1. If no VPAT is available, then please obtain an email from company stating that they do not have a VPAT, or a document explaining why there is no VPAT, or why a vendor email is not available (to be uploaded to ICT form). You must attach a document. You will not be to submit without attaching a document
  8. Link to technical standards (if applicable) 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) form

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