Woodworking Employment

Our goal at the Cerritos College Department of Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies is to provide students with a high-quality woodworking education program that leads to jobs in the woodworking industry. Our graduates are qualified for entry-level employment or higher, depending on the individual. Please have a look at our Programs page for information on what skills our students are learning.

We would happily post your job opening for a woodworking-related position on our job board. To maintain consistency, we ask that you download and complete the form below and return it to our department chair, Reuben Foat. If you have questions, please call 562-860-2451 x2988.

If you are a graduate or current student looking for a job in the woodworking industry, please check out our job board in the woodworking shop. Or, talk to one of the full-time faculty and let us know what you're looking for.

Job Availability Announcement