beam sawOur goal at the Cerritos College Department of Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies (WMT) is to provide students with a high-quality woodworking education program that leads to job opportunities in the wood industry. We offer strong vocational programs in cabinetmaking, CNC woodworking, and furniture making. Certificates and degrees are available in Cabinetmaking, Furniture Making, and Comprehensive Woodworking. A CNC certificate is also available. 

Student with routerIn our two-year Cabinetmaking Program, students build frameless (32mm system) and face-frame cabinetry from start to finish. They learn how to operate Cabinet Vision software and industrial CNC equipment. They are trained in various assembly methods, millwork, and cabinet installation. In addition to building cabinetry using current CNC technology, graduates are also skilled in traditional manufacturing methods.  Elective courses in this program include finishing and woodworking machine maintenance.

Professor lecturingOur Furniture Making Program starts with basic woodworking skills and quickly advances students to basic casework and table construction. Core courses include furniture design, hand tools, and computer-aided design software (CAD). Electives include advanced casegood and table construction, veneering, and carving courses. Graduates of this program are trained to make custom furniture to a high level of resolution.

Starting Fall 2023, WMT will offer a full-time intensive version of our Furniture Making Program. WMT 101 is the prerequisite to begin the course series in August 2023. We recommend students complete the WMT 101 course in the spring or summer term before the fall they wish to enroll. After completing WMT 101, the intensive is three nine-week courses taken over 27 weeks (18 weeks in the fall and the first nine weeks of the spring term). There is no application process for the Fall 2023 cohort. Fall 2025 will have an application process to be admitted into the program. Each student enrolled in the intensive program will be awarded scholarship funds to cover tuition and lab fees for each course. The historic John B. Smith, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund makes the scholarship possible. 

In the CNC Woodworking Program, students learn Cabinet Vision and Alphacam software and how to use CNC equipment to create cabinet and furniture parts. Our CNC lab includes two industrial 4' x 8' flatbed routers, an edge bander, and four small CNC routers. Two laser cutters and several 3D printers are also available.

The Comprehensive Woodworking Program combines cabinetmaking and fine furniture making training. Woodturning and wood finishing are two required courses other programs have as electives. The program is designed to prepare students interested in various woodworking topics, including becoming woodworking teachers.

Classes can also be taken to improve or develop skills in specific areas.

View the current General Catalog for information about each program. The AA requirements are listed in the "AA Degree Requirements" section. Many classes required for the Certificate of Achievement and A.A. Degree meet the criteria and are accepted at California State University, Los Angeles. WMT awards Associate of Science degrees instead of Associate of Arts. The general education guidelines are the same.