Welcome to the Planning and Budget Website

The purposes of the College Committee on Planning and Budget are:

  • Reviews data for institutional planning
  • Develops and recommends for approval the college’s strategic goals
  • Collaborates in the development of college-wide plans such as the Educational Master Plan and the Technology Plan, and makes recommendations to the Board for approval
  • Develops processes for unit and area planning
  • Ensures that planning and resource allocation are linked
  • Develops and recommends for approval the college’s annual budget and ensures that it reflects college planning priorities
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee’s scope and communicates them to the college

Planning and Budget Committee 2023-24 Goals:

  • Develop a planning cycle ensuring all plans align to the Comprehensive Master Plan. (Goal F: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness)

  • Lead the development of the Comprehensive Master Plan and provide a recommendation to the Board for approval. (Goal F: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness)

  • Provide information to committee members and campus constituents to understand further the Student Center Funding Formula (SCFF) (Goal D: Improving Internal and External Communication)

  • The committee co-chairs will be proactive in regularly sharing and disseminating information to the campus community, and committee members will continue to provide updates with their respective constituent groups. (Goal D: Improving Internal and External Communications) 

  • Review draft revisions to the questions in the unit planning process to ensure that they align with the new accreditation standards. (Goal D: Improving Internal and External Communications)

  • Continue improving internal and external communication by ensuring the committee website is up-to-date, planning calendar/timelines are discussed and posted online, and budget updates are routinely provided. (Goal D: Improving Internal and External Communications)

The quorum requirement is a majority (11) of the committee members.